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The unlimited internet plans your business needs in 2022

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Unlimited internet

The unlimited internet plans your business needs in 2022


The need for unlimited internet is at a greater advantage for businesses of today. Companies are making changes to keep pace with new challenges for their customers, employees and business processes.

Unlimited internet

What is unlimited internet?

Most ISPs say they offer unlimited internet services but is it truly unlimited?

Unlimited internet is exactly what the name suggests; a mobile plan that gives you no cap on data usage. This means you don’t have to worry about exceeding your limit and spending more each month, and you have the freedom to use as little or as much data as you like. This really means you will get all the data you want as long as you follow the rules of the provider and this is what cityfibre offers you, an internet that is truly unlimited.

Unlimited internet in Nigeria

Cityfibre offers unlimited internet in Nigeria irrespective of where you are. we have varieties of services available for every state in Nigeria ranging from VSAT, Radio, Microwave, and fibre.

Unlimited internet in Lagos

Our fibre cables are laid in different parts of Lagos and very accessible. for more enquiries, reach out to our customer care representative on +234903000923

Unlimited internet in Abuja

Cityfibre is bringing you the best experience of unlimited internet in Abuja as our cables are being laid in different areas like Maitama, zuba, gwarinpa and gwagwalada e.t.c. unlimited internet in Abuja

Difference between an unlimited internet and limited internet plan

Internet tariff prices depend on the data volume you choose. A limited internet tariff offers a fixed data volume, and once the data volume is used up, you no longer have access to the internet.

With an unlimited internet plan, internet users can use as much data as they want until the tariff period ends.

In terms of cost, an unlimited internet plan is more expensive than a limited tariff because of its unlimited benefit.

Pros and cons of limited and unlimited internet

A limited data plan has a limited amount of data and is therefore more affordable than an unlimited internet plan. Such a plan seems cheap on paper, but if you use all the data in a week or so, you will not be able to use the internet without subscribing to a new plan.

unlimited internet

On the other hand, with an unlimited internet plan, you can surf as much as you want without worrying about running out of data. If you buy an unlimited internet tariff with a term of up to 30 days, you can use as much data as you want until the month is up.

An unlimited internet plan may seem expensive, but it offers better value for money than a limited plan

Dedicated internet plan for your business

A great method of internet access is dedicated internet access (DIA). This subscription gives your company exclusive access to a certain amount of bandwidth. You are the only one who may utilize the bandwidth. Your access has no guaranteed limit and is not overcrowded. Minimums and uptime are present, and performance is constant. Typically, upload and download speeds are equal.

unlimited internet

How do you use the internet?

The way you and your team are using the internet will be a determining factor on what internet plan you should subscribe to and also calculate the desired speed and bandwidth needed.

  • Video consumption

Your video needs are probably higher now than ever before. Many employees are meeting with each other and with clients over the internet. They’re attending virtual meetings and conferences. They’re either watching online training or posting digital content. The list could go on, but the important thing to note is that when all this video consumption is happening at the same time, it’s taxing on your bandwidth.

  • Cloud-based software

Additionally, more businesses are implementing cloud-based software, which enables more of your files and data to be viewed or used off-site.

Project management, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management systems are a few examples of software that could be included in this. However, it also offers a variety of other data storage choices, such as virtual shared drives, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Choosing the right internet plan

An unlimited plan is the best option for you if you frequently stream movies or download large files. A limited plan is best for you if you do not use the internet frequently and only require it to send emails, utilize social media, and send instant messages.

At cityfibre limited, we don’t want our customers worrying about using up all their data and this has been our utmost priority to deliver unlimited internet at an affordable price.

Our internet plans are cheaper and crafted specially just for you.

Check our plans and pick the one that best fits your budgets and needs.

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