About us

A proven internet provider and more

Get peace of mind!.

We provide hassle free internet services via VSAT, fibre optics and broadband. We deliver on same day in Lagos and within 4 days elsewhere. We offer the best support as an ISP in Nigeria so you can never have a minute down time; else we will pay for it. Our support is available even all night long.

Enterprises and institutions upcountry prefer our VSAT services while most businesses in Lagos prefer our fibre optic internet service for its speed and affordability.

We have trained and experienced technical personnel in 27 (including FCT) out of 36 states of the Federation well equipped to install or respond to your on-site needs. Our customer care unit reminds you of your next renewal date 2 weeks before it is due to allow you ample time to prepare for it. Our local NOC is used to monitor your site performance 24/7 for service efficiency.

To put it in simple terms: Syscomptech Internet Service gives you peace of mind to focus on your core business.

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