fibre internet in ikeja

Syscomptech Fibre to the Door (FTTD) and Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is providing direct to the user Fibre Optic Cable internet solutions to Ikeja Businesses and Homes. Our premium service delivers uninterruptible internet connectivity to offices and homes with unlimited data plans at dedicated bandwidth speeds.

Connecting to any of our Fibre Optic Nodes in Ikeja is instant, though there are locations that might require some long distant digging and thus a need for a local permit. Obtaining a local dig permit can take 4 – 60 days from the council. Also in some rare cases also a civil construction permit might be require from the property managers of the subscriber. Where all permits and rights to install fibre optic cable is in place, FTTD and FTTH installation takes a maximum of 72 hours.

For areas not covered by our current fibre ring pathway in Ikeja, we instantly connect using Microwave Radio solutions. Our radios are licensed and operates in a frequency bands free of interference to provide you with stable uninterruptible internet connectivity.

Whither the available connectivity option to you: Fibre Optic Cable or Microwave Radio solution, our delivered speed is dedicated and true, and the usable data – unlimited!

You are welcome to start using Syscomptech Fibre Internet today!

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